Making money online

So many people are always looking for ways to make extra money without finding an extra job… Who wants to work 2 or 3 different places as a low grade employee?? I personally am tired of trying to become employable for different companies, I don’t need to write a resume to run my own business or promote for one! Stop revising your resume and just join my team let me show you the way!!


Hello to all my good and faithful followers and all of those in tumblr land still tumblin!! I’ve missed you guys so much has been going on and I’ve been away then I noticed I wasn’t making as much money as I was when I was on here everyday spreading my good word on how to make money online and selling the hottest shoes and accessories so here I am I’m back in the flesh! I will blog every single day because it helps pay the bills and because I love tumblr n all your posts!! will posts shoes and stuff for sale soon so be on the look out! #BERIGHTBACK

days like the one that I’m having today just makes me wanna run away from my life. I’m unhappy and it hurts like a decease and deep down I feel like it might slowly be killing me. there’s no therapy like beach therapy so this summer me and my friends will adventure to as many beaches as we can!!!!!


I quit my job today and I will either regret it and be lazy and go broke… OR I’ll use it as ultimate MOTIVATION TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!! #DoubleupFridays #mca #mcamoney!